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Quantum States of Light at Thermal Equilibrium Can Enable High-precision Sensing Technology

Being able to achieve quantum perfect squeezed light at a finite light-matter coupling point can enable unprecedented applications in quantum optics and information technology

Kenji Hayashida, Takuma Makihara, Nicolas Marquez Peraca, Diego Fallas Padilla, Han Pu, Junichiro Kono, and Motoaki Bamba
“Perfect Intrinsic Squeezing at the Superradiant Phase Transition Critical Point”
Scientific Reports 13, 2526 (2023)

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Superradiant Phase Transition—Bridging Quantum Optics, Thermodynamics, and Condensed Matter Physics

In this study, “magnonic superradiant phase transition” was confirmed for the first time in a physical system, a step towards bridging quantum optics, thermodynamics, and solid-state physics.

Motoaki Bamba, Xinwei Li, Nicolas Marquez Peraca, and Junichiro Kono
“Magnonic Superradiant Phase Transition”
Communications Physics 5, 3 (2022)

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Unconventional Photon Blockade in a Weakly Coupled Cavity Pair

Unconventional photon blockade can also be observed in two coupled cavities, potentially advancing single-photon based quantum technologies used in communication and imaging.

Motoaki Bamba, Atac Imamoğlu, Iacopo Carusotto, and Cristiano Ciuti
“Origin of strong photon antibunching in weakly nonlinear photonic molecules”
Phys. Rev. A 83, 021802(R) (2011)

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Theory Meets Experiment: Newly Verified Strategy to Generate Highly Squeezed Light

This study experimentally explores a mechanism by which strongly confined polaritons could generate “squeezed light,” a continuous stream of photons with highly suppressed quantum fluctuations.

Motoaki Bamba, Simon Pigeon, and Cristiano Ciuti
“Quantum Squeezing Generation versus Photon Localization in a Disordered Planar Microcavity”
Physical Review Letters 104, 213604 (2010)

Thomas Boulier, Motoaki Bamba, Albert Amo, Claire Adrados, Lemaitre Lemaitre, Elisabeth Galopin, Isabelle Sagnes, Jacqueline Bloch, Cristiano Ciuti, Elisabeth Giacobino, and Albert Bramati
“Polariton-generated intensity squeezing in semiconductor micropillars”
Nature Communications 5, 3260 (2014)

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Coupling Light and Matter to Experimentally Observe an Elusive Effect

When the light-matter coupling is very strong, a Bloch-Siegert shift occurs, negating the standard approximation that matter can be excited into a higher energy level by absorbing a photon but never by emitting a photon.

Xinwei Li, Motoaki Bamba , Qi Zhang, Saeed Fallahi, Geoff C. Gardner, Weilu Gao , Minhan Lou, Katsumasa Yoshioka, Michael J. Manfra, and Junichiro Kono
“Vacuum Bloch–Siegert shift in Landau polaritons with ultra-high cooperativity”
Nature Photonics 12, 324 (2018)

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Elusive Electromagnetic Thermal Phenomenon Reveals Its Presence in a Superconducting Circuit

Superradiant phase transition at thermal equilibrium, a phenomenon that could revolutionize the way we generate and use energy to power our world, has finally been discovered in a type of superconducting circuit.

Motoaki Bamba, Kunihiro Inomata, and Yasunobu Nakamura
“Superradiant Phase Transition in a Superconducting Circuit in Thermal Equilibrium”
Physical Review Letters 117, 173601 (2016)

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