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Published on arXiv in collaboration with Riad Yahiaoui, et al.

Tunable Plasmonic Ultrastrong Coupling: Emulating Dicke Physics at Room Temperature

A system of N two-level atoms cooperatively interacting with a photonic field can be described as a single giant atom coupled to the field with interaction strength ~N^0.5. This enhancement, known as Dicke cooperativity in quantum optics, has recently become an indispensable element in quantum information technology based on strong light-matter coupling. Here, we extend the coupling
beyond the standard light-matter interaction paradigm, emulating Dicke cooperativity in a terahertz metasurface with N meta-atoms. Cooperative enhancement manifested in the form of matter-matter coupling, through the hybridization of localized surface plasmon resonance in individual meta-atoms and surface lattice resonance due to the periodic array of the meta-atoms. By
varying the lattice constant of the array, we observe a clear anticrossing behavior, a signature of strong coupling. Furthermore, through engineering of the capacitive split-gap in the meta-atoms, the coupling rate was cooperatively enhanced into the ultrastrong coupling regime by a factor of N^0.5. This room-temperature technology serves as a convenient quantum emulator of the dynamics of a qubit with a giant dipole moment coherently driven by a single bosonic field.

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Riad Yahiaoui, Zizwe A. Chase, Chan Kyaw, Fuyang Tay, Andrey Baydin, G. Timothy Noe II, Junyeob Song, Junichiro Kono, Amit Agrawal, Motoaki Bamba, Thomas A. Searles

Tunable Plasmonic Ultrastrong Coupling: Emulating Dicke Physics at Room Temperature 

arXiv:2108.02494 [physics.optics]