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11th Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
(Division 5: Optical Properties of Condensed Matter)
AwardeeMotoaki BAMBA
ThemeSuperposition of light in free space and localized matters
Articles“Crossover of exciton-photon coupled modes in a finite system”
M. Bamba and H. Ishihara
Physical Review B 80, 125319 (2009)“Entangled-Photon Generation in Nano-to-Bulk Crossover Regime”
M. Bamba and H. Ishihara
Physical Review Letters 105, 123906 (2010)“Theory of the lifetime of an exciton incoherently created below its resonance frequency by inelastic scattering”
M. Bamba, S. Wakaiki, H. Ichida, K. Mizoguchi, D. Kim, M. Nakayama, and Y. Kanematsu
Physical Review B 91, 235205 (2015)
Date18 March 2017
PlaceToyonaka, JAPAN
OrganizationThe Physical Society of Japan